Friday, April 24, 2009

stop and stare.

I love everything about this outfit. From the shades, to the clothes, to the accessories, to the shoes, and the soda. This is something I'd definitely wear. I just freakin' died! Too COOL.

Photo courtesy of: flickr: Mary-Kate Olsen: Celebrities In Heels'


  1. I completely agree! I'm always a sucker for plaid flannel, and she accessorizes it perfectly!

  2. very stylish!

    thanks for bein my 100th follower:)

    stay in touch! and be sure to chek out my contest:)

    rubey x

  3. Hi Natty Belle!

    Yeah, I totally agree. I love the olsens style 90% of the time. Is this an old picture, though? I feel like I've seen it before, but I know the whole grunge look is in and she is totally pulling of this look right now with the oversize plaid/flannel and heels. I like this blog, it's cute and simple and to the point :) Are you a student?

  4. Hey Maverick Malone!

    Yes, this is an old picture. I stumbled upon it and my jaw dropped because I love the whole rocker look. It's my kind of style. I'm not a student but looking to go in the near future because I really need to know what I want to do in life. I know for sure that it's something in the Arts. Like Fashion, Photography, etc.. See, I can't make up my mind. But I will definitely know when that time comes. Thankyou, you're awesome.

  5. hey, thankyou for following my blog!
    i love her shoes x

  6. I know!! This is flawless. So perfect! I die every time I see thoe shoes.

  7. Oh that shirt is so fabulous!! I love the slouchy long look!

  8. I love how loose and unsexy it is, and then you notice that the buttons on her shirt are right on top of her nipples. Very cheeky-cool!